I’ve already reviewed with you some of my general automobile recommendations, previously. However, I hear you are interested in acquiring a pickup.

This is a reasonable choice of vehicle type, and lord knows I’m enjoying mine. However, I wouldn’t point to the Tundra as my first choice for everyone. I like a big stupid loud truck that can absorb a lot of punishment and accommodate my size. I found stuff I liked about all the full sized trucks out there.

There’s one choice that was slightly out of my budget range and was a little snug for me, that I’d like you to consider. The 2016 GMC Sierra Denali.

Luxurious without stating luxury.
The interior is featured packed and like most modern trucks, the interior is very quiet and comfortable.


The Denali trim of the GMC Sierra, has one very important feature that distinguishes it from all other pickups. It has something called magnetic ride control starting in 2015. This is a very big deal, especially for a pickup. The system uses electromagnets to firm and and soften the suspension with unparalleled responsiveness, providing a much smoother ride and better cornering and handling. It’s what GM has been using on their Cadillacs for a few years now.

With the exception of some trims of the Dodge Ram which can be equipped with an air suspension, most full size trucks provide a harsh ride and/or disconnected driving feel. The Denali is smooth as hell, and feels great to drive. Also, you can get it with GM’s 6.2 liter V8 which is extremely good in every way. It’s probably one of the top 10 mass produced engines of all time (GM uses a modified version for their corvette).


The Sierra comes through in just about every other way. With the exception of push button start (which few trucks have) you won’t miss a single luxury in this truck.

You should also go drive a Ford F150, for sure, but do yourself a favor and give the Sierra Denali a spin.