I don't know Tyler, I'm not sure if overall capacity to damage things is the yardstick we should be measuring a modern naval vessel for. I'm not saying it's a particularly impressive vehicle, but "sitting duck" goes way too far for what it is. » 12/17/14 4:26pm Wednesday 4:26pm

I traded my wife's Honda Accord in for a Subaru outback right as its transmission was going. I did it late on Valentine's day. All they did was go start it to check the miles. I got full kbb value in excellent condition. This cars was tagged out and had seen 8 bad winters. » 12/16/14 10:25am 12/16/14 10:25am

It's a blog that covers transportation, and this is a pretty slow time of the year when comes to car news. The car shows and new releases start early in the year, just hang tight, no media is very good from here til after the holidays. » 12/12/14 7:34pm 12/12/14 7:34pm