Bud's Automobile Recommendations

I think I’ve got a bead on what you are looking for. I’ve compiled some cars and trucks for you to consider. I’ve limited myself to vehicles with dealerships located within 30’s minutes of your house. This limitation eliminates pretty much all of the luxury brands, but stealth wealth is always better when it comes to… »9/05/15 9:34pm9/05/15 9:34pm

I think Jesus Diaz just made a Kinja account to call me fat

I saw Jesus Diaz, to my mind the worst Gawker contributor there is, comment on a Jalopnik article tonight. Having flashbacks of how awful his 'reporting' was, so awful it made me quit reading Gizmodo after many years of reading, I responded to his comment with my lamentations over his work. »8/18/13 11:32pm8/18/13 11:32pm