Official 2015 SVRA Schedule Released

The Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) has been doing a lot of growing recently. In 2015 alone, they've added 8 new races. It's some of my favorite racing out there because it's like the least lame car show you've ever been to. Everything there is made to go fast, and you get to actually watch it go fast. » 10/20/14 3:14pm Today 3:14pm

The Circuit of the Americas Has a Stupid-Tall Tower

It's 251 feet of pure stupid, and somehow this is the first I'm seeing of it. Boasting a 360 panorama view, glass floors, glass railing and many other vertigo-inducing things, this tower holds up to 70 people at a time. Those weird red pipey things not only act as a roof for the tower, but for the amphitheater behind… » 10/20/14 2:30pm Today 2:30pm

I'm having this problem right now. I want an 80, but everytime I shop them I end up looking at ones made after around 2005, because they are also in my price range, then I realize that I've missed the point of what I really want, which is an 80. Then I go back to looking at 80s, and I'm missing all of the amenities of… » 10/20/14 10:45am Today 10:45am

This is sort of the reverse, but I used to really like the BMW 7-series for many years. Had a chance to drive a 2013 750iL recently for a week and no longer like them. It's like they've refined them too much or something, they're no longer fun. No more playing "Transporter" in them. Also, the turbo'd V8 also just… » 10/16/14 11:37am Thursday 11:37am

A Comprehensive History of Corvette Concepts and Prototypes

The corvette is and has always been a car with a potent formula. For decades car enthusiasts and journalists have baffled over how a car could be so good and so reasonably priced. So good, in fact, GM tried many times to push the Corvette magic into many different sizes and shapes. They even considered a whole line of… » 10/15/14 9:58am Wednesday 9:58am